2021-07 July Virtual OpenMRS Community Mini-Meeting


The OpenMRS Community gathers periodically to get a taste of the ongoing community activities and projects.


Registration is different this time round. Instead of using Google forms, we will be using Zoom registration. Upon successful registration you will automatically receive a personalised zoom link which will be shared to you on email and an easy way to add the event to your calendar

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Lightning Talks

Share your ideas and experience! Demo what you've been working on! The only caveat? A 5-minute time limit. There will be 2 rounds of lighting talk. One will be general and the other focused on offline and mobile solutions. Below are the sign-up links.

Implementers' Showcase

Find out what OpenMRS implementers are working on this year! Each Implementer will have 10 minutes. Implementers' can sign up here.

Squad Showcases

Squads get to share what they have achieved since the last meeting. Each squad and team will have 5 minutes strictly.  In preparation for this, each squad is required to start with a short context and a quick update on the progress made.

Below is a link where squad and team leads can add their presentation.


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Our July Virtual "Mini" Community Meeting will include plenary sessions, break out discussions, lightning talks, and showcases from OpenMRS implementers and squads. Below is a quick look at the questions these sessions will help answer:

3.0 Framework Technical Overview: How are we using new frontend technology to unlock collaboration among implementers? How does our new technology relate to the OpenMRS platform, other core modules, and OpenMRS distributions?

User Experience Showcase: What progress have OpenMRS squads and implementers made with innovative solutions to improve data collection and access to quality data - and support use of OpenMRS at point of care?

Data Exchange Showcase: What are squads and implementers doing to build quality, standards-based data exchange solutions that work within countries’ HIE architectures?

Meaningful Engagement & Collaborative Practices: How are we making collaboration happen across OpenMRS implementations? How can you and your organization contribute?

Professional Development Showcase: What steps are we taking to attract, retain, and grow OpenMRS technical talent in the ecosystem? How can we prepare OpenMRS technical professionals to fully use the 3.0 Framework?

Implementer Experience Showcase: What improvements are we making to assure the quality of our current and future frontend technology? Our platform? What can you expect from upcoming releases?

Click here to see our full schedule.

Note: Our meeting schedule is dynamic. Actual times for showcases may vary, depending on availability of presenters.