GSoC 2024: O3 User Onboarding

Primary mentor

@Piumal Rathnayake

Backup mentor

@Jayasanka Weerasinghe

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Implementing user onboarding in the Test 3 and O3 demo environments, as illustrated in these designs, is crucial for introducing users to major features within a typical generic outpatient workflow. By incorporating user onboarding processes, new users can navigate through the system more seamlessly, gaining a better understanding of how to utilize various functionalities effectively. This not only enhances user experience but also ensures that users are equipped with the necessary knowledge to maximize the capabilities of OpenMRS in their outpatient workflows. Additionally, user onboarding can help reduce the learning curve associated with adopting a new system, ultimately leading to increased user satisfaction and productivity.

Project Overview

This project is focused on creating a step-by-step user onboarding process for the new users of OpenMRS, essentially functioning as a tutorial mode or product tour system. So when a new user logs into O3, or when a user navigates to a page that has not been visited previously, it should trigger an interactive guide that will take the user through the features of that specific module/page and introduce those.

For this, we can use things like tooltips, highlighted areas, pop-ups containing text/images/short videos, hotspots, progress indicators, and more. For a better user experience, we can add functionalities like displaying the number of remaining steps, granting users the option to skip the onboarding processes or individual steps, and enabling them to retrigger the tutorials as needed.

You have complete freedom to suggest your approach to implementation, including the libraries and technologies required for your solution. But, it should be implementable on any O3 module and should be easily extendable to all O3 modules.

For the project proposal, we recommend including a small demo with a sample implementation using a selected O3 module (or any other method). Additionally, you can choose an O3 module and outline specific steps that could be highlighted during the onboarding tutorial.

We have already created some designs for the O3 User onboarding process, which can be found here: O3 Zeplin Designs (Refer to the “Tasks – Onboarding” section). You can gain some ideas from these designs. (You can find the Zeplin login credentials here)

Skills Needed

  • A fundamental knowledge of OpenMRS Microfrontends is required.

  • Proficiency in frontend web development, particularly with React, is highly desirable.

Required Skills


Project Rating and length


175 hours


  • Identify the processes that require user onboarding tutorials/guides

  • Identify the suitable frameworks/libraries needed to implement the system

  • Building a user onboarding system which can be implemented on any O3 module