Patient Overview (Reference Application)

This tutorial will provide a quick guide on the patient overview screen.

Assumption: User has found and selected the patient.

Page Sections:

Patient Details and Information

The header of the patient overview page displays the patient’s details such as full name, gender, birthday, patient ID, and recent notes. This section also includes links to edit the patient’s details as well as view their contact information.


This section contains any diagnoses that a professional may have given the patient.

Recent Visits

The recent visits contains the last 3 visits as well as tags that represent any actions that happened during those visits such as vitals being recorded and admission states. Clicking on the date of the visit will show the visit details.

General Actions

This section of the page contains links for useful actions when managing a patient. It includes starting a visit, adding a past visit, merging visits, searching patient data, appointment scheduling, marking a patient deceased, and removing the patient.


The vitals pane displays all of the vital information that was last observed for the patient. All of the information displayed corresponds to an input when recording the vitals of a patient.


The family pane will list any known family members of the patient if they are in the system.


The conditions pane will list any known conditions that the patient may have.


Below the conditions pane is the allergy pane. It displays the recorded allergies for a patient. It includes the symptoms that the patient will generally suffer when exposed to the allergen.

Latest Observations

The latest observations includes a subset of the information that is available in the vitals pane listed above. This pane contains temperature, diastolic blood pressure, weight, systolic blood pressure, and height.

Health Trend Summary

This pane will contain any health trends of the patient.

Weight Graph

This pane displays a visual representation of the patient’s weight over time.


The appointment and appointment request panes will display the scheduled and requested appointments respectively.