2019-09- 23 Project Management Meeting

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Cynthia Antwi

@herbert Yiga

OpenMRS Reference 2.10
  • Reference Application 2.10 Release Management
  • Continues to look to the community to assist in reviewing the tickets
  • Working with @herbert24  to review the GSOC modules to see which projects are in a good shape to be included into the release
OpenMRS Platform 2.3

Documentation Review 2019

GSoD 2019

  • More project details can be found here
  • I managed to schedule a call with the GSoD 2019 Tech Writers and their Mentor Burke,
  • The Meeting was aimed at separating concerns regarding their work but also clear the air about some questions.

Working on Visualization in second round of bootcamp
Involving CDC, Implementing partners.

  • Adding some custom indicators to help with validation.
  • Reporting, Indicator development  and dashboards.
  • Trying to use the  Data integrity module is not working but is being worked on.
  • By the end of the bootcamp, they should be able to roll out to sites in the next couple of weeks.

  • Had a discussion about how best to adopt it , however at this time will move ahead with what they have , and reconsider after the first release of the distribution
  • Cynthia Antwi : can we identify the gaps or the blocker that is preventing the team from taking OCL on.

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Encourage all Dev stages to do code reviews, its very important

link the wiki page to do code reviews

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