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ThemeFeatureCurrent StateFuture State (with 3.x)StatusPriorityNotes/Comments
LabsCreating Lab Orders

Lab tests are grouped by Panels and Panels are grouped by category

LabsCreating Lab OrdersMultiple panels and tests can be ordered at the same time, but each create their own order

LabsCreating Lab OrdersOrder at the panel or at the test level, prevent test's from being ordered individually that have already been ordered as part of a panel

LabsCreating Lab OrdersSubmitted lab order status defaults to Ordered

LabsCreating Lab OrdersEach Lab Order is auto-assigned a Lab Order ID

LabsCreating Lab OrdersAble to indicate if the order is Routine or Urgent 

Labs Creating Lab OrdersLab staff can enter orders on behalf of a provider (e.g. if system was down or provider only wrote a paper request for some other reason)

LabsViewing Lab Orders by patientLab Orders can be viewed as part of the patient's record 

LabsEditing Lab OrdersLab orders can be edited once they are created

Fiona Anderson I don't think this is allowed?  Typically orders are immutable.  They can be canceled and re-placed if a change is needed

LabsCancel Lab OrderLab orders can be canceled 

LabsExpire an Lab OrderLab orders will be expired after a configurable amount of time

LabsViewing all Lab OrdersDisplays a list of all Lab Orders that are submitted. It allows you to filter by date range, patient, Lab ID, Status, Test Type

LabsViewing all Lab OrdersUrgent Orders are displayed at the top of the list and highlighted in red

Fiona Anderson I don't think we do this?  Is this a requirement you gathered from somewhere?  (it makes sense) Feels like we SHOULD have urgency as a filter but we don't.

LabsEntering Lab resultsLab results are entered for one order at time

LabsEntering Lab results

Display Normal Range for the specific test results is displayed on the results page

LabsEntering Lab results

Display Normal range depending on the patient's gender and age range (not current state but desired)

LabsEntering Lab resultsAdd free text comments with lab results (not current state but desired)


Entering Lab


Labs within a panel a presented in a configurable order to be entered (not current state but desired)

LabsEntering Lab resultsAbnormal results are highlighted in red once entered

LabsEntering Lab resultsEntry of results outside valid ranges is not allowed

LabsEntering Lab resultsResult Date cannot be before Order date or in the future 

LabsEnter Lab resultsSelect from a list of Test Locations

LabsEnter Lab resultsIf lab test was not performed you can indicate that it was not performed and the reason 

Labs Enter Lab resultsIt should be possible to indicate that sample has been taken (with a date) without entering results

LabsPrint Lab resultsLab can be print a label to label the sample 

LabsPrint Lab OrdersList of all Lab Orders can be printed in a list format

LabsEdit lab results that are enteredLab results can be edited 

LabsViewing a patient's Lab results Patient's lab results can be viewed on the Lab Results page. Ability to filter the page by date range, test type, and category of test


LabsViewing a patient's Lab results Lab Result page displays: Test Type, Date, Result, Normal Range


LabsViewing a patient's Lab results Lab Results for a patient can displayed in a configurable order (not current state but desired)

LabsLab Results with no Lab OrderAdd Lab Results for a specific patient without a Lab Order

LabsRetrospective Lab Results entryRetrospective lab results can be entered (without orders) in an efficient entry workflow

LabsLabs ConfigurationLab tests, panels, allowable and normal ranges can be configured in meta data (i.e. form changes not needed for new/changed labs)