Transitioning from Standalone to Enterprise

If you've been implementing OpenMRS Standalone and want to transition to the Enterprise version you can follow the steps below.

Step-by-step guide to Transition from Standalone to Enterprise

  1. Make sure you have Tomcat and MySQL installed on the computer designated to be the server

  2. Export the standalone database.
    1. To connect to the standalone database open MySQL Workbench and from the Database dropdown menu select ---> Connect to Database (control+U is the keyboard shortcut)
    2. Find the MySQL connection details in your openmrs-standalone folder in your runtimeproperties file (Username: openmrs, Port: 3316, password is autogenerated by standalone and is in your runtime properties file)
    3. Click Data Export and select openmrs. All the 105 tables will show up with check marks next to them noting that they are ready to be exported. Keep the "Export to Dump Project Folder" option selected and click Start Export (note the file path location to which this dump will be saved).

  3. Import the standalone database into your local MySQL installation
    1. Open MySQL workbench and from the Database dropdown menu select ---> Connect to Database (control+U is the keyboard shortcut)
    2. Connect to your local MySQL instance. The default hostname and port should be there ( and 3306 respectively) and change the root username if needed
    3. Now click on "Data Import/Restore" in the left bar menu
    4. with "Import from Project Dump Folder" selected, browse and select the database you have exported 
    5. Once the database and all tables are selected, click "Start Import" and now your openmrs-standalone database should be in your MySQL instance 

  4. Deploy the openmrs.war file in Tomcat.
    1. Once Tomcat is running, you can open Tomcat by typing localhost:8080  in your web browser
    2. Click on Tomcat Manager (you may be prompted to enter your Tomcat username and password here)
    3. Under War file to Deploy, click on choose file In the Tomcat Manager
    4. Browse and locate the openmrs.war file you have downloaded from (Enterprise)
    5. Click deploy in Tomcat manager now that the war file is visible
    6. Once the openmrs.war file is deployed follow the startup instructions here making sure you specify that you have an existing openmrs database which you will use for this installation

  5. Copy your standalone Module files (.omod) into your enterprise application data folder at (C:\Program Files\Apache\Tomcat 6.0\OpenMRS) or any of the other locations documented at Application Data Directory
  6. Copy other contents under the application data directory from the standalone (appdata) to the new application data directory, make sure that the connection URL, username and password to your new mysql instance are up to date in the runtime properties file