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Here are all of the known issues related to BIRT that currently reside in the trace ticket repository. If you find what you're looking for, please add a comment.


OpenMRS: Ticket Query

» #422: Deploying BIRT Report Module causes NoSuchMethodException in EngineConfig.getLogger()
» #700: Add support for patient specific reports in BIRT Report Module
» #701: Add support for handling GET in Generate Report use case in BIRT Report Module
» #916: Report generation not handling date columns correctly (possible parsing error)
» #1295: On generating dataset, handle permission denied issue
» #1466: Parameters are no longer showing up on the generate report page
» #1610: java.sql.SQLException: Too many connections
» #432: Upgrade BIRT Report Module to the latest version of the OpenMRS API
» #1228: BIRT Report Engine cannot be started on Ubuntu
» #1307: BIRT Report Module throws NoClassDefFoundError when rendering HTML within PDF report
» #1449: Upgrade BIRT Report Module to OpenMRS API v1.4.x
» #1450: Upgrade BIRT Report Module to BIRT Runtime Engine API 2.3.x
» #1557: Integrate BIRT Report Module with latest reporting framework
» #1831: Reporting tab does not render links correctly
» #2309: Error occurs after uploading a report that is designed in BIRT 2.5.2
» #355: Implement initial version of the BIRT Report Module
» #391: Hibernate "cannot open connection" exception after initial module deployment
» #420: Deploying module causes "UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file"
» #421: Upgrade BIRT module to the latest BIRT Report Engine 2.2.0
» #429: Add parameter support to the BIRT generate report use case
» #551: Add better error handling to BIRT Report Module
» #554: Improve parameter support in BIRT Report Module
» #556: Upgrade BIRT Report Module to BIRT Report Engine 2.2.2
» #581: Allow BIRT Module to be deployed as two separate modules
» #788: Generate Report use case throws "Failed to prepare query" error within BIRT
» #917: BIRT throws "Cross-table query is not supported" error during report generation
» #918: BIRT throws "Failed to prepare the following query ..." during report generation
» #919: BIRT throws "Failed to prepare the following query ..." during report generation
» #1281: Create a simple administration for the logic web service
» #1289: Investigate .fileTableLock (Permission denied) on initialization of BIRT
» #1419: BIRT Report: Design a report to display provider summary information for an implementation
» #1448: Allow user to schedule a report to be generated and emailed once a week
» #1456: Allow user to create simple crosstab report
» #1464: Module activator should throw more informative error when it fails to startup
» #1467: Add calendar widget for date/time parameters on generate report page
» #1468: Improve create / update report form user interface
» #1549: Integrate JQuery dataTables library into BIRT Report Module to improve user interface
» #1550: Allow user to view reports that have been generated in the past
» #1551: Allow user to generate reports asynchronously
» #1552: Allow user to delete report from View Reports page
» #1553: Save BIRT report design to the database rather than the filesystem
» #1555: Use lightbox library in user interface for uploading reports
» #1556: BIRT Report Module should support Java scripted data sources
» #1611: Error: Column binding "?" has referred to a data set column "?" which does not exist.
» #1614: Reduce logging output from BIRT Report Module
» #1833: Create tutorials/screencasts for BIRT designer
» #1834: Need to display error message when BIRT reports are designed with incompatible versions of BIRT designer
» #1835: Allow user to upgrade their BIRT reports to latest version via web interface
» #1836: Allow user to view the "createdBy" property which contains BIRT Designer version info
» #1837: BIRT Runtime is configured and initialzed twice on startup
» #1838: Remove the Manage Datasets link from the admin extension point
» #1839: Test latest version(s) of the module against both BIRT Runtime 2.3.1 and 2.3.2
» #1917: Patient dashboard report link does not render correctly
» #1976: Cannot get the result set metadata (Table 'openmrs.localities' doesn't exist)
» #1986: BIRT reports are slow to generate
» #1988: BIRT Report Module: Shows multiple pages on a single page
» #2204: Allow admin to configure BIRT logging level through global property
» #1101: When referencing a BIRT report object, the WHOLE report is loaded. Could a wrapper be created?
» #1293: Monthly Report generation : NullPointerException in Birt Module
» #1308: BIRT ignores aliases on a SQL query
» #1554: BIRT Report Module displays unfriendly error message when empty report design is uploaded
» #1984: Add support for multi-value select parameters
» #2310: Parameter mismatch parsing signatures section in dwr.xml