Wiki Update


Lead: @aahil

Supported by: @Grace Potma , @Paul Adams

Goal: To give the Wiki Documentation a fresh look by enhancing its accessibility and restructuring its content.

Known Problems to Solve

  • IA (Information Architecture): Although we have a ton of content, accessing it is challenging due to difficulty finding the necessary information.

  • Spaces: Currently, we have three spaces, which might cause confusion for readers. Merging these spaces into one or organizing them logically will make the documentation more easily accessible.

  • Old Content: We've been in existence for over 20 years, and during this time, we've accumulated a vast amount of documentation. While this is beneficial, it also means that as we evolve, most content becomes outdated. Separating the new from the old will make our docs more relevant to the implementers.

  • Look & Feel: Improve the user experience of the docs so new implementers can access them more easily.


Put a team together that’ll help separate outdated content on the wiki.
Crosscheck this content with Grace/ to know the content to be archived.
Create Archive space for outdated content.
Use the new outline to structure docs.
Identify & rewrite pages that are poorly written