O3 Lab & Diagnostics Ordering MVP


Next Steps (updated Nov 2 2021)

  • Add requirements discussed today to requirements doc here - Grace Potma 
  • Share project w/ Community on Talk (users for design session; resources to share) - Grace Potma 
  • Level of Effort estimates for each V1 items - ____
  • Design work kick off - ____

Use Case Breakdown

Major Needs

  • "Make it fast to do my orders"
  • Expect results to be in same area as orders

V1: The Essentials

  • Labs:
    • Order individual tests
    • Order panels of tests
    • Flag tests as "urgent"
    • Easily search tests
    • Comments (e.g. for lab, phlebotomist)
    • Edit Panel content (e.g. via Labset concept type; reconstruct a LabSet members)
  • Diagnostics:
    • Flag as urgent
    • Order test by modality (x-ray, CT scan, etc)
    • Specify comments/history/clinical indication (so Xray Tech and Radiologist reviewer know what you're concerned about / looking for)
    • Choose a type (e.g. CXR PA/Lateral vs CXR Portable)

V2: Order Sets

e.g. Pneumonia workup: CXR, Sputum for AFB, CBC panel...

e.g. HIV Monitoring Set

  • See multiple things commonly ordered at the same time - one click gives you everything you need
  • View suggested tests by condition (e.g. Pneumonia)
  • Admin: Create/update order sets via UI (no code)
  • Admin: Ability to import Order Sets (not have to create from scratch for each site/go-live)

V3: More complex

  • Easily find common/favorite tests
  • Repeat Tests (e.g. VL next visit)
  • Scheduled Tests (e.g. HgA1C in 3 months)
  • Scheduled Tests with an ordered relationship (e.g. Blood Cultures repeated in time sequence)
  • Order Sets with additional layers of Decision Support (e.g. DVT prophylaxis - walks you through decision support to pick right thinner based on kidney function)

Technical Implementation Plan

  • Orders and Results will be connected through an API call to the OpenMRS data model (through the "obs_order_id") - for any result, you will be able to point back to order that generated it. 
    • Agreement Nov 2: Use orders, not obs. Link results back to order by using order_id (order.order_id) in obs table

Discussion/Meeting History

  • 2021 Nov 2: Requirements discussion & whiteboarding: UCSF (Mwariri, Wamz, Eudson, Amos), OHRI/CDC (Nirupa), PIH (David), Ampath (JJ), OpenMRS (Grace)

Helpful References