O3 Medication Orders / Prescribing

Must-know resources


  • Follow the O3 Drug Item UI Patterns doc (link above)
  • Remember this rule of thumb: First line shows what's configured for that drug, second line shows exactly what the prescriber ordered and signed off on.
    •  (Note: In this example, the implementation configured the Drug Name here to be "Aspirin 81mg" rather than just "Aspirin", which is why you see 81mg twice in the first row.)


* Perform any behind-the-scenes magic (e.g. dose * strength multiplication or division) that hides logic from the prescriber, as this can have unintended consequences, as we learned in this bug that fortunately was caught pre-real-world-use. 

Background: How we arrived at these designs

Display examples from National guidelines for on-screen display of medicines information (pg 58 & 59):