Release Notes 1.8.2

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What's new in OpenMRS 1.8.2

Release date: 20 July 2011

This is a maintenance release to OpenMRS 1.8, specifically to fix a high-priority bug introduced in version 1.8.1. If you are currently running OpenMRS 1.8.1, we recommend that you upgrade as soon as possible. There are no database changes between OpenMRS 1.8.1 and 1.8.2. It is fully backward and forward compatible.

The three bugs fixed in OpenMRS 1.8.2 are:

  • Major: The "last 3 encounters" box on the form entry tab of the patient dashboard was actually showing the earliest 3 encounters.
  • The concept statistics page was fixed to display statistics for numeric concepts.
  • Resolved Conflicting ASM Library

Resolved issues

  • [TRUNK-2389] - Concept Stats Broken for both numeric and coded values
  • [TRUNK-2465] - Ordering of encounters on formentry tab incorrect
  • [TRUNK-2469] - Conflicting ASM Library

Please also see the OpenMRS 1.8.1 Release Notes and OpenMRS 1.8.0 Release Notes for additional resolved issues and new features since version 1.7.

It is highly recommended to upgrade all of your modules to their latest versions from the OpenMRS Module Repository to maximize the benefits this release has to offer. You may also visit Performance Tuning for information on how best to tune your installation of OpenMRS for best performance.


A huge thanks to the people who have contributed code for the release of OpenMRS 1.8:


Also, special thanks to the following people who contributed in many other ways to support and shape the release of OpenMRS 1.8:

Bundled Modules

This module is bundled with OpenMRS 1.8.2 and is marked as a core module. It can be upgraded, but can not be removed:

Core Module




These modules are bundled with OpenMRS 1.8.2. They will be started automatically and can be removed if desired.

Bundled Module


Form Entry

HTML Form Entry




Reporting Compatibility





HTML Widgets


End Of Life (EOL) announcement

OpenMRS 1.5 is no longer supported

As of described in /wiki/spaces/RES/pages/26287677, OpenMRS can only support up to three released versions at a time (the current release and then two versions back). With the release of OpenMRS 1.8, support is no longer provided by the core Development Team for OpenMRS 1.5.x and earlier. This announcement also serves as advance notice that support will end for OpenMRS 1.6.x, concurrent with the release of OpenMRS 1.9.