Growth Chart Module For Reference Application


This is new Growth chart implementation For the Reference application. see old  Growth Chart Module For the Platform  for the platform.

Initial work was harvested from iSantePlus Module.

Since the old Growth chart module for the platform is of version 1.0 - 1.7  , The new Growth chart module for the Reference Application has been released starting from version 2.0.0.

The growth chart is designed for patients under 20 years old.  The module shows the relationship between the patient's data (graph for patient's plotable data) to the standard graphs for WHO and CDC.  The modules require the following Concepts 

  • weight (kg) CIEL:5089
  • height (cm) CIEL:5090
  • head circumference (cm) CIEL:5314
  • size (lying position)


  1. Before deploying the module, confirm that the concept head circumference (cm) (CIEL:5314) is installed. 
  2. Configure the growthchart.headCircumferenceConceptUuid global property.  Set to the UUID of the head circumference (cm) Concept.



Download the growthchart module omod file here


Download the growthchart module project from GitHub here


  • Growth chart Link on the Reference Application Patient dashboard                                                                                                                                                                                                    Growth Chart Link On Patient DashBoard.png

  •    Graphs under the WHO tab                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        WHO tab.png 
  • Graphs under CDC tab 

CDC tab.png

  • Some of the Graphs


  • When the Growth charts link is clicked and Head Circumference concept is not found or Configured 

  • Patient Data Points more Visible than other Points

Release Notes

The Module has been released starting from version 2.0.0 as an upgrade of the old  Growth Chart Module For the Platform for the platform.

Upcoming Features

  • design the Functionality of multiple growth charts and a UX to have the clinician pick the appropriate growth chart
  • The Growth chart Link should only display only for Patients under 20 years on the patient's dashboard.