More Metadata Management in AdminUI

AdminUI Module completion

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Daniel Kayiwa

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Some initial work was done to move metadata management to the admin ui module for the reference application to end up with the links on this page: There is still some more functionality that needs to be moved over. The goal of this is to ensure that one can comfortably run the reference application without requiring the legacyui module for metadata management. You will see the management links for the legacy ui from 

For the initial work done, you can take a look at these tickets.

Required Skills

  • Strong Java skills
  • CSS, HTML, AngularJS
  • Familiarity with the OpenMRS API
  • Familiarity with the OpenMRS REST API
  • A basic understanding of the old legacy ui of openmrs.


We need to implement the following functionality in the adminui module:

  • Managing encounters
  • Manage Observations
  • Manage Scheduler
  • Manage Programs
  • Manage Triggered State Conversions
  • System Information
  • Manage Modules
  • Complete the module wiki documentation


Present Project Wiki: Admin UI Module

Github codebase:

Project Tickets:

AdminUI Talk post:

AdminUI sprint kick off meeting: