OpenMRS Bulk Data Import

2014 Internship Project

This project is being considered as a potential project for 2014 Internships. If you are a potential intern and are interested in working on this project, please discuss it in detail with the mentor(s) listed here before submitting your internship proposal.

Primary mentor

Pascal Brandt

Backup mentor


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It is a well known problem that it is difficult to migrate to OpenMRS from other systems and it is also difficult to do an initial bulk import of patient data. This is an important problem, but has no widely accepted solution yet. This project aims to make the process of migrating to OpenMRS easier by simplifying the process of bulk retrospective data entry.

The result of this project will be an OpenMRS module that will enable users to upload spreadsheets via the user interface and select which columns map to which elements in the OpenMRS data model.


  1. At the very least, there should be a user friendly way to import patient data from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file that uses the Java or REST API.
  2. Produce some community validated best practices for migration and data import.
  3. TBA

Extra Credit

  1. It should be possible to connect to different data sources and map data elements to the OpenMRS data model via the UI.
  2. TBA


April 21 – May 19 (Community Bonding Period): 

  • Get to know my fellow peers and co-workers
  • Throughout this period, I will as always be available on IRC to further discuss the proposal with members of the OpenMRS community so that I will be able to adjust or add things that I may have not thought of before.
  • I will be actively engaged in discussions with my mentor to further understand and agree on the scope and requirements of the project.

May 19 – August 18:

  • Development phase (to be broken down into detailed steps)


  1. Migrating Data to OpenMRS
  3. Spreadsheet Import Module Version 2
  4. Data Migration
  5. CDA-based Clinical Patient Summary Import and Export