Undernutrition is a prevalent problem both in resource-deprived areas and developed countries; however, to date, there are few programs that aid in the confirmation, assessment and monitoring of undernourishment. This module will facilitate appropriate data recording within OpenMRS with multiple nutritional and secondary clinical data sets obtained and evaluated. The module will be designed to also determine the current and longitudinal nutritional status and care of patients based on anthropometric, biochemical, and clinical measures. Moreover, the data model will support undernutrition risk with respect to social measures.

Project Lead

Theresa Cullen



The OpenMRS Undernutrition module will be able to collect high priority variables in undernourished children, including body measurements, dietary intake, and relevant patient history. This will allow for the determination of individual nutrition status, along with the storage and viewing of patient information within OpenMRS. Additionally, reports will be generated that will aggregate patient data and list patients in need of follow-up after encounters with clinicians or community health workers.

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