Patient Data Based Timeline Module

2014 Internship Project

This project is being considered as a potential project for 2014 Internships. If you are a potential intern and are interested in working on this project, please discuss it in detail with the mentor(s) listed here before submitting your internship proposal.

Primary mentor

Harsha Kumara

Backup mentor


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Viewing patient data by going through all the sections in patient profile is burden for users in many occasions. The main objective of this module is to implement a user friendly timeline of patient activities. Patient profile associate with observations, encounters, lab reports, images etc. Viewing the order of activities happen with the time is very useful in observing patient profile data over the time. So this module will be very useful for users of OpenMRS under various roles to see the patient activities over the time. Implementer should careful about exposing patient data to various roles and needs to have set of wel define priviledges to view data of a patient.


  1. Create a new module following Creating Modules (improve the documentation if needed)
  2. Apply for a repository at and a JIRA project
  3. Create tickets in JIRA for tasks to be completed during GSoC
  4. Look for all the possibilities of data available in patient profile to include as timeline events
  5. Prepare a weldefine set of priviledges required to view data
  6. Design a appropriate interface for display timeline of a particular patient
  7. Images and other documents needs to display in the timeline in a proper manner like twitter or Facebook
  8. Timeline should be filter by each category such as observations, encounters etc.
  9. Design a effective user interface which can easily manage and use by users
  10. Wike page needs to be develop for usage of this module
  11. Timeline should be dynamically loaded

Extra Credit

  • Use Ajax support as applicable as possible when loading data
  • Make it possible to extend this module to load data to timeline from custom modules