Patient Flag Module OWA

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Backup MentorJude Niroshan
Assigned ToRishav Rakshit


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When diagnosing a patient it is important to consider the current ailment or critical conditions patients is suffering or has suffered for an effective treatment. Missing any health condition during diagnosis can lead to serious risks and a failing treatment.  For example before prescribing any medicine it is important to consider if patient is diabetic/HIV +/High BP etc.

Since healthcare providers have high volume of patients to serve and many times patients miss important factors in their past medical history it is important to highlight the patient record with all the historical medical conditions they have had. This allows healthcare provider to collect accurate information accordingly and make the accurate diagnosis.


The module Patient Flags Module provides a way to highlight or flag patients matching certain criteria (ex: High Risk, CD4 below 200, HIV Positive, Diabetic, etc).

The module allows the flagging two ways

  • Getting list of patients falling into a criteria
  • Marking patient falling into a criteria on their profile or dashboard.

Tasks Undertaken (TODOs /Pending Tasks are Unchecked):

  • Initial Project Structure setup, generating scaffolding with Yeoman Generator and upgrading packages 
  • Manage Patient Flags Component
  • Edit Flags Modal
  • Manage Patient Tags Component
  • Edit Tags Modal
  • Manage Patient Priorities Component
  • Edit Priorities Modal
  • Find Flagged Patients Component
  • Manage Global Flag Properties
  • Use React-Redux for state management
  • Use openmrs-react components for common components
  • Use state management to reduce number of API Calls Made
  • UI Enhancements according to Reference Application style guide
  • Modify API to meet fetched data requirements
  • Add UI Element - Page Header with user and location data
  • Add UI Element - Breadcrumb
  • Fix Soft Delete (When trying to delete record from table) Bugs

Extra Credit Tasks:

  • Add color picker in Edit Tags Modal
  • Add glyphicon support in Tags/Priorities Modal

Application Hierarchy


User and Developer Guides

  • Patient Flags Module OWA ( Developer Guide) - Link
  • Patient Flags Module User Guide - Link