Local Installation

Make sure you have docker and docker-compose installed locally.

See Docker Installation Instructions for your environment.  If running on Linux, check https://docs.docker.com/compose/install/ to install docker compose.

Checkout  this git-repo  for a fully pre-configured Dockerized PLIR set up and follow the instruction below

  1. Clone the Repository locally 

    git clone https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-plir-dockerized-setup.git
  2.  Move to the project root directory and spin up the pre-configured OpenMRS ,OpenHIM ,Hapi-Fhir and the streaming-binlog pipeline instances .

  3. You should be able to acces the OpenMRS ,OpenHIM and Hapi-Fhir instances  at the following urls

    InstanceURLcredentials (user : password)
    OpenMRShttp://localhost:8080/openmrs    admin : Admin123
    OpenHIM http://localhost:9000 root@openhim.org : openhim-password
    Hapi FHirhttp://localhost:8090

     hapi : hapi123


    • The OpenMRS Instance is pre-loaded with CIEL and a sample form (HIV_form) to collect TX_PVLS specific data

    • The above script also loads the necesary TX_PVLS Measure and Library Resources into the Hapi FHir . see the Resources under the resources folder.

    • The Openhim instance is pre-configured with the necesary meta-data

    Wait for the plir-streaming-pipeline container to start running before adding any data into OpenMRS. The running Pipeline will then listen to any  data changes  added in to OpenMRS and route them to the FHIR server through OpenHIM.

  4. Invoke the collect-data FHIR Operation using the Get request below to generate the relevant Dataset for TX_PVLS

    GET: http://localhost:8090/fhir/Measure/TX-PVLS/$collect-data?periodStart=<date>&periodEnd=<date>

  5. Invoke the evaluate-measure  FHIR Operation using the Get request below for the  indicator calculation based on CQL evaluation

    GET: http://localhost:8090/fhir/Measure/TX-PVLS/$evaluate-measure?periodStart=<date>&periodEnd=<date>

    Note : substitute <date> in the GET request with your actual date parameter .

  6. You can use a plir-widget innitially develeoped by the bahmni-plir team , to easily query and visualise the Measure report generated from the HAPI-FHIR server .
    • Install the http-server . see inginix (proxy-server) config under plir-widget/config/nginx.conf .

    • To run the widget , run the command below from the root directory

    • you should be able to access the widget at http://localhost:7000/ .

    Procede to select the measure TX-PVLS , select the start date and generate the report using the widget

  7. To remove and clean out all created containers and volumes, run


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