Bahmni Distribution

Goal and Philosophy

Bahmni is an easy to use, open-source EMR and Hospital Management System for healthcare providers in low-resource settings. Its goal is to provide an out-of-the-box solution for hospitals and large clinics, that can be configured with zero programming.

Bahmni combines best-of-breed open source products (OpenMRS, Odoo, and OpenELIS) into a single solution, with a primary focus on the EMR component.

Target Usage

Implementers can deploy the Bahmni Distribution to a hospital to manage its patient records and related workflows.

Implementers can deploy just the OpenMRS component of the Bahmni Distribution and use it purely as an EMR.

Local implementing organizations can deploy the Bahmni Distribution to hospitals and/or provide support as a business activity.

Comparison to the OpenMRS Reference Application Distro

As compared to the OpenMRS Reference Application distro:

  • Bahmni intends to cover a hospital's complete use case, e.g. by including Odoo (formerly OpenERP) for billing and pharmacy stock management, rather than just the EMR component.
  • Bahmni is more feature-complete as an EMR (e.g. it includes drug prescribing)
  • Bahmni has a stronger copyleft license