OpenMRS Platform

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LicenseMPL 2.0 with Healthcare Disclaimer
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Goal & Philosophy

The OpenMRS Platform is the shared platform (the "plumbing") upon which all distributions of OpenMRS are based. Its goal is to be a minimal Java and RESTful back-end that developers can use to build their own clinical data applications. It does not aim to provide a user interface or application itself*.

This distro includes the latest released versions of OpenMRS Core and the REST Web Services module, and will eventually incorporate the FHIR module as well.

* ... As of Platform 1.12, the platform currently includes OpenMRS's legacy user interface (Legacy UI), but this UI will be removed (moved into a module) in Platform 2.0.

Target Usage

Developers can use the OpenMRS Platform to a build a separate application that uses OpenMRS as a RESTful clinical data store.

Developers can use the OpenMRS Platform to build a Java server-side web application.

Implementers can use the OpenMRS Platform and the legacy user interface (with the addition of common community-supported add-on modules like the HTML Form Entry module or the XForms Module) to build an EMR for a retrospective data entry and review use case.