Ozone - Health Information System

OpenMRS 3, augmented

Ozone is a fully integrated solution for frontline healthcare professionals to manage and access patient data at the point of service.
Ozone brings together open-source domain-specific technologies:

  • OpenMRS 3 — Electronic Medical Records
  • SENAITE — Laboratory Information
  • Odoo 14 — Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Superset — Data Visualisation and Analytics

This architecture reduces software and code to maintain by respecting a separation of concerns for patients data – it is managed where it belongs.

Official websitewww.ozone-his.com
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  • Username: jdoe
  • Password: password
Support emailinfo@ozone-his.com
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Getting Started

1. Type the following commands in a terminal:

Getting Started
git clone https://github.com/ozone-his/ozone-docker
cd ozone-docker

2. Then start browsing Ozone:

OpenMRS 3SENAITEOdooSuperset
User: admin
Pass: Admin123
User: admin
Pass: admin
User: admin
Pass: admin
User: admin
Pass: password