IHE Interoperability - Patient Administration Management


Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) are starting to take off the word over. In particular the OpenHIE (ohie.org) project is looking at proving the infrastructure for low to middle income countries (LMICs) to exchange a patient's demographic and clinical information.

OpenMRS is deployed in many LMICs and thus it would be helpful to have some modules available to easily connect OpenMRS to an HIE.

The Patient Administration Management (PAM) profile developed by Integrating the Health Enterprise (IHE) provides a standards-based mechanism to manage patient information between systems. In this project the PAM profile will be used to send information about each patient that is registered in the OpenMRS system to HIE infrastructure. This will allow OpenMRS to integrate into an HIE more easily.

Project Champions

Ryan Crichton


  • Become familiar with the IHE PAM profile
  • Hook into the OpenMRS create patient functionality
  • Add the ability to send a standards-based PAM request that a patient was created
  • Note: We are also looking a the IHE PIX profile as there is some overlap between the PAM and the PIX profile and it might be beneficial to support both. Also, the Client Registry is used in OpenHIE currently supports PIX, so support of this profile may be a good idea.

Extra Credit

  • Allow messages to be queued and retried if OpenMRS is has no internet connection
  • Implement support for the PIX profile as well

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