Work Plan - GSoC 2014

Here is the timeline which we would follow, for the development of IHE module.


Start DateEnd DateTask
12th May 201418th May 2014

Explore about Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) and Hibernate Interceptors

See how HAPI library works.

19th May 201421st May 2014Create a module and put up on Git Hub with the basic screen
22nd May 201426th May 2014Hook up module with create patient functionality
27th May 20147th June 2014Generate HL7 message for patient data (PAM Profile)
8th June 201423rd JuneSend message to HIE
24th June 201426th June 2014New screen for queue and retire message.
27th June 20142nd July 2014Create table to store patient data
3rd July 201410th July 2014Save unsent data in database
11th July 201415th July 2014Display list of queued messages
16th July 201420th July 2014Add option to enter schedule resend date via the User Interface
21st July 20143rd Aug 2014Resend queued messages
4th Aug 201411th Aug 2014Add support for PIX profile
12th Aug 201414th Aug 2014Testing
15th Aug 201417th Aug 2014Documentation