OpenMRS CDA Generator (Project Design Page)


As part of the OpenHIE initiative, OpenMRS will be able to support the parsing of CDA documents into OpenMRS domain objects.The Clinical Document Architecture(CDA) is a xml based standard for exchange of health information records,it is means to ensure we will be developing a module which will generate CDA documents on user request.

Implementation plan

our approach towards the project would start with creation of new module and uploading the new module to github.Generation of cda document requires a particular profile,so we will be supporting two types CDA profiles(APHP,APS ) this summer,but these profiles must be mapped to some sections which could be optional or required for profiles.The key in the project would be re-using a single instance of particular section and mapping of openmrs data with profiles. We will be using mhdt api to do all cda related work.


The scope of this project is limited to,

  • The Implementation of fully functional handlers to generate either one or both of APHP and APS CDA document types
  • Producing a generalization structure which other users can adopt in order to implement handlers for other CDA document types


OpenMRS CDA Generator Project Screens

you can find all screens of our project here



OpenMRS CDA Generator Proposed Timeline

SMART Goal #1: Create basic module structure

  • Create basic module using module archetype and upload it to github
  • Develop basic package structure / class hierarchies to be used for the message processing
  • Create all necessary UI screens and navigation between these pages as shown in UI Mockups
  • Deadline:19th May– 1st June

SMART Goal #2: Development of handlers and data population

  • Develop initial handlers for each of the sections and CDA document types to be implemented
  • Populate UI screens using data obtained from the handler classes
  • Deadline: 2nd June - 8th June


SMART Goal #3:Develop CDA processing features

  • Integrate MDHT into the CDA Generator module
  • Development of required sections to be used for the generation of an APHP message
  • Development of the APHP handler content which combines these sections
  • Ensuring that generated message is fully validated as per IHE standards
  • Deadline:9th June – 10th July (to be expended upon, as necessary)

SMART Goal #4:CDA export features

  • Complete CDA export page, and underlying tasks necessary to output the completed message
  • Deadline:11th July - 15th July


SMART Goal #5:Testing and documentation

  • Message refinement
  • Unit testing
  • Documentation
  • Listing of outstanding issues (missing SNOMED concepts / improvements etc.)
  • Deadline:16th July - 1st August


SMART Goal #6:Buffer period

  • Buffer period for any unpredictable delay
  • Code cleaning and formatting
  • Deadline:1st August - 11th August


Communication plans with mentor
  • If i have any doubts or queries then i can ask Suranga on IRC Channel or through emails  in case if he is offline.
  •  we will also have a one-to-one interaction on skype or hangout once or twice a week.
Handlers Hierarchy: