UC 05 Take Action on Concept Proposals

CPM Requirements

Brief Description

Any user should be able to view concept proposals. A user can update and re-submit a concept proposal.

Only dictionary administrators can take action on submitted concept proposals.

Concept Proposal Actions:

  • Update concept proposal - add or change concept proposal details in the same manner as creating a full concept proposal
  • Validate concept proposal - ensure that the proposal contains all information needed to create a concept from it.
  • Approve/Create Concept - edit proposal and create a concept from the proposal
  • Approve/Map Concept name-edit proposal and map concept name to existing concept
  • Cancel / ignore - discard concept proposal
  • invalid / needs more detail - sends notification back to submitter that more detail is needs for the concept proposal

Concept proposal statuses:

  • new submission - awaiting review
  • under review
  • accepted
  • rejected
  • Waiting for more detail
  • re-submitted