Navigation - Research

Navigation poses competing interests.

Simple navigation 

  • e.g. website with 3 or 4 page buttons across top of page helps direct new users to the key information
  • Advantage: This increase dramatically the chance that a user who is new to the site will click on the pages that you would like them to see
  • Disadvantage: There is a chance the users is unable to find what they are looking for

Complex navigation

  • E.g. website with many tabs across the top of screen, or multiple page buttons with dropdown lists.
  • Advantage: user in theory could access everything
  • Disadvantage: user is more likely to not click on the key pages of the site, may have trouble finding what they are looking for.


  1. Place a simple navigation across the top of the website - to direct users to the key pages
  2. Place a mega-menu in the footer of the website. 

Mega Menus in Footers have become increasingly common on major websites

The use of mega-menus from top nav, is preferred over drop-down menus




Of navigation structures from major websites