Adding new Groups and Links to Configure Metadata Menu

Its possible to add new entries to Configure Metadata Menu.

In order to do this, You have to enter System Administration -> Manage Apps -> Add App Definition.
Inside Add App Definition form, paste following JSON data:

App Definition JSON Template
    "id": "owa.conceptdictionary",
    "description": "Concept OWA Dictionary",
    "order": 0,
    "extensions": [
            "id": "owa.conceptdictionary.adminGroup",
            "extensionPointId": "org.openmrs.module.adminui.adminGroups",
            "type": "group",
            "label": "Concepts",
            "icon": "icon-book"
            "id": "owa.conceptdictionary.adminLink",
            "extensionPointId": "org.openmrs.module.adminui.adminLinks",
            "type": "link",
            "label": "Manage Concept Dictionary",
            "url": "owa/conceptdictionary/index.html",
            "extensionParams": {
                "group": "owa.conceptdictionary.adminGroup"

Change data to fit Your requirements.

Notice that App ID field must be same as first "id" value in App Definition's JSON.