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Reference Application Concept Management Tools

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Darius Jazayeri

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Administrators who manage concept dictionaries sometimes need to do operations that are very tedious in the current user interface. Sometimes these involve bulk operations, sometimes they involve very specific workflows.

The point if this project is to implement user interfaces to handle these specific user scenarios, without worrying about how they will fit into the broader UI.

Project Champions

Ellen Ball


This project involves writing a new App for the upcoming Reference Application. This app will contain links to many different features.

Here are some requested features:

  • Search for concepts by name across all locales, not just the current locale. (requested by Ellen Ball)
  • Add multiple concepts to a set (requested by Ellen Ball)
  • Given a concept source, quickly add many reference terms to it. (requested by Darius Jazayeri)
    1. I believe this is a request to be able to bulk load multiple reference terms from a single source (e.g., SNOMED CT or ICD) into the concept_reference_term table.
    2. It would also be nice to do the same thing for relationships which appear in the concept_reference_term_map and concept_map_type tables. --Andy Kanter
  • Mirror names from one locale to another for a set of concepts.  Check that they don't already exist.  For example, French diagnosis names are used by clinicians in Haiti and Rwanda, so the names would be the same for both locales (ie.  In Haiti, French and Creole diagnosis names are the same.  (requested by Ellen Ball)
    1. I think it is important to note that concept names do not necessarily mean the same thing in different locales.
    2. The original plan was that display of concept names should roll-up to the parent language. For example, if a term exists in Rwandan French (fr_rw) then the term is displayed. If no term is available in Rwanda then the parent language term in French (fr) is displayed. Therefore, the proper way to most frequently handle the use case described above, is to have the term in the "fr" locale rather than copy into multiple locales.
    3. The Terminology Service Bureau module should be reviewed as this was designed to allow review of concepts in different locales including definitions and flags. Perhaps this can be modified to quickly copy from one locale to another. I would have some recommendations if someone wants to take this on. --Andy Kanter
  • If there's no FULLY_SPECIFIED name, but there is one (only one) synonym for a locale, set FULLY_SPECIFIED for that synonym. (Requested by Ellen Ball)

For each requested feature, you need to:

  1. contact the requester and discuss the feature
  2. produce a mockup showing how the feature will work, and get agreement from the requester that this will meet their needs
    1. for the first pass, you should focus on the simplest implementation of the feature, rather than the best UI.
  3. implement the feature, and have the requester test it