Draft Forms Project UML Diagrams

These diagrams show how the model classes are related to each other. The first shows the major classes making up a draft form. Each of these classes has a Java file as well as an hbm.xml file. They also each have their own sql table.

Items can be grouped in several ways:

  • An item can be placed directly into a section
  • An item can be added to an obsgroup
  • An item can be repeated multiple times. The intent is that this would result in a table layout in the generated html, with that item repeated the number of times requested by the repeats.

There are many types of items that can be added to a form. This shows that hierarchy. Notice that ObsGroup and Repeats also extend Item.

The mappings for all of the Item subclasses are defined in the Item.hbm.xml file. Each item subclass has its own sql table.